Private House Concerts


We invite friends, family, and neighbors to our home to enjoy musical artists of all styles in a private "house concert" setting. While most house concerts are held in living rooms and basements, we choose to host artists in our beautiful Barn. Our events are private and hosted by invitation only - just like any party you would host in your home. We maintain a website in the public domain so that artists from around the world can learn about what we do, and know there is a place that will provide an appreciative audience without the distractions found in some commercial venues.

For more about the growing popularity of house concerts and what they are all about, check out the "FAQs for Friends" page.

We host original singer/songwriters including (but not limited to): folk, jazz, bluegrass, country, contemporary, rock. We typically do not host cover bands.

When you attend a house concert at The Barn, expect to connect with the artist, th e music, and new friends.

We hope to see you soon!
Larry & Rebekah

Watch the video - learn about The Barn.

Please note: "The Barn at La Grange" is simply the name we chose to describe the cool building we use to host our private parties. These parties are not a business nor are they a business related activity - they are a hobby. The purpose of these gatherings of friends, family, and neighbors are to enjoy live acoustic music, food, and fun. Our concert parties are absolutely free and we do not sell tickets (or else it might be considered a business), although the artists do accept voluntary contributions. 100% of all contributions go directly to the performers.


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