The Barn at La Grange

Awesome House Concerts

Our Mission

  • To provide a welcoming forum for artists where adoring new and long-time fans can focus on the music without distraction.
  • To build our community of friends, family, and neighbors by sharing our love of music and a place to gather.

Our Story

We invite friends, family, and neighbors to our Barn to enjoy musical artists of all styles in a private "house concert" setting. While most house concerts are held in living rooms and basements, we choose to host artists in our beautiful Barn.

Our events are private and held by invitation only - just like any party in your own home. We maintain a website in the public domain so that artists around the world can learn about what we do.


When you attend a house concert at The Barn, expect to connect with the artist, the music, and new friends.


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Awesome House Concerts