The Barn at La Grange

Awesome House Concerts

For Artists

We host one show per month from May - October. All shows are 7:00 PM on Saturday night (with rare exception).

Is there a Booking Fee?

None. All the donation money is yours to keep. We host you for fun, not for our profit.

What styles of music do you host?

We welcome nearly any style of music, including folk, bluegrass, pop, country, alternative, rock. We do not host rap artists, comedians, or cover bands.

What nights of the week do you host?


What time are the shows?

Shows start at 7:00 (or unless otherwise posted). Most folks have a bit of a drive to get here, so it works well to be done by 10-10:30.

Is there are table for merchandise?

Yep. A big one.

Is there a house PA system?

Yep. You can bring your own rigs, use ours, or a mix. We have mics, boom stands, speakers, etc. Ask for details when you book.

Do you provide a place to sleep?

Yep. Artists are welcome to stay overnight in our well-appointed guest room. We have additional rooms as necessary. We provide a big breakfast before you head out the next day. We have one cat, so consider this if you are allergic.

When can I book a show?

We host one concert per month in May - October. Most dates are booked by the end of February for the coming summer. If you want to play at The Barn, book well in advance!

For Friends

What is a house concert?

The ultimate, intimate musical experience! House concerts provide the same level of musical talent as a large commercial venue, but with the ambiance and intimacy of your living room (or in our case, our barn). It is a gathering of friends and family. The concert length varies by artist, but a typical concert is composed of two sets, 45-60 min each, with a 30 min intermission. One of the great aspects of the house concert setting is that the artists typically mingle with the audience during the intermission and after the show - giving you a unique opportunity to connect. All of the concerts at The Barn are pot-luck, so bring something to share!

How do I reserve a seat?

Our house concerts are conducted by invitation only. Seating is limited, so RSVPs are required. If you have been referred by a friend/band and are coming for the first time, be sure to include your friend's name in your email when requesting an invitation. Seating is open, so get here early to claim your favorite spot.

How much are the tickets?

We are not a commercial venue. Thus, we cannot nor do not sell tickets. Rather, we accept donations for the artist. This is typically $20-25/person.

Where does the donation go?

100% goes directly to the artist. The Barn makes no money, no profit. But we make a ton of friends!

What do I bring to the event?

Donation money (Cash or check) Money for merchandise (CDs, t-shirts, etc.) A dish to share (often an appetizer or dessert; we especially love those unique, homemade items). Drink of your choice (alcohol is fine if you are of legal drinking age)


What does the Barn provide?

Ice, bottled water, paper plates, cups, utensils, Homebrew (handcrafted beer, style varies among shows)

What are some important rules?

The Barn is a smoke-free environment. We do not tolerate illegal substances or underage drinking on our property. We expect that all friends will drink responsibly if they choose to drink alcohol.

When do the doors open?

Doors open 45 min prior to concert start time. The earlier you arrive, the better your selection of seating will be. Though, honestly, there are no bad seats in this intimate setting! We encourage you arrive no later than 30 min prior so you'll have time to mingle with new friends.

Coming from out of town and want to explore the area or stay overnight?

There are many nearby attractions to appeal to just about anyone. There are also several area hotels. Check out our "Nearby" page for more details. Guests are welcome to pitch a tent on our property (for free!). Just let us know in advance. Lots of beautiful camp "sites" among the 5 acres.

Awesome House Concerts