The Barn at La Grange

Awesome House Concerts


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WIlly Porter
Feed the Dog
The Honey Dewdrops
Peter Mulvey
Chicken Wire Empire


Sam Llanas
Kelley McRae
Deep Pool
Danika Holmes & Jeb Hart
Jeff Brown
Dan Phelps
Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer
The Mulligan Brothers
Mike Mangione & The Union
Rebecca Hron
Jesse Frewerd
Amy Andrews
Hayward Williams
The Rattlenecks


Dead Horses
North Country Blonde
Buzz Cason
The Mascot Theory
Danika Holmes
The Guilty Wanted
Josh Harty
Korby Lenker
Robby Hecht
John Statz
Whitney Mann
Piper Road Spring Band


Claudia Schmidt & Sally Rogers
Anne Heaton
Bob Sima
Tracy Beck
Nick Jaina
Christine Havrilla
Count This Penny
Mike Blakely
Martine Locke
R Clifton Spargo (Author)
Kevin So


Bob Sima
Natalia Zukerman
Anne Heaton


Awesome House Concerts