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"Sometimes quiet...sometimes rocking...but always powerful!" "She's amazing..."

Ang Medlin hit the road in 2009 with a CD and a guitar. Accompanied by lead guitar and "brother from another mother" Tom Williams, the duo has played show after show up and down the east coast. The music is simple...lyrics that can cut to the heart of the matter and flowing guitar chords. Come out to a show. Have a listen and hopefully, become a fan.

Josh Harty is a messenger. A North Dakota songsmith. “A true son of the heartland whose bold defiance and riveting delivery channel the essence of American music” (Glide Magazine). As the son of a small town police chief and preacher, grandson of a South Dakota polka legend, Josh grew up performing with his dad at every Lutheran Church, Eagles Club, Moose Lodge and Rotary Club in the Upper Midwest. Having released several internationally-aclaimed albums and performing across the US & Europe, it is clear that Harty was born and bred for this. His live shows prove that good storytelling combined with journeyman musicianship is as authentic as music gets.

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Awesome House Concerts